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Are Stories The New Social Media Newsfeed?

The social channels we use are less important now than ever before. Today, it’s all about how you tell your story.

Convince and Convert recently created a short video which explores the idea that stories are becoming the new newsfeed of social media. It’s less about what social network you use to reach your audience. What is important today is how you tell a story.

Snapchat changed the game when it evolved from a messaging app to a storytelling platform. Now stories are integrated as part of Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Stories are becoming the new newsfeed of social media, and you can’t avoid stories because your customers aren’t using Snapchat. So when we think about how to make content for social media, we need to be thinking in stories, and not in posts.

The presenter shares three elements essential to producing good stories:

  1. Use vertical video
  2. Create a chronological narrative sequence
  3. Add overlays such as text, filters, stickers, and emoji

Key Takeaways

  • Carefully choosing your social channels no longer has the impact it once had on your marketing success.
  • Many of the new feature roll-outs on top social platforms have focused on storytelling.
  • Forget about reaching your daily quota of posts, and focus more on the stories you share.

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