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Monday Morning Cool Tool: StreamYard

I’m preparing to go Live on LinkedIn this week to mark World Cancer Day on Feb 4. It is my first time going Live and I’m excited to do so. I’ll be using a third-party tool that I’ve used before for Facebook Live videos and it’s this week’s cool tool recommendation. 

StreamYard is a live streaming studio which runs on your laptop or desktop. You can use it to stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms.  It’s  great for live interviews. You can have 6 people in the stream. Up to 10 people can enter the broadcast studio (with a paid version of the tool) so you can swap people in and out if you’re doing a dynamic talk show.

Other cool features include the ability to show viewer comments on screen, add a call to action, upload your logo, images, GIFs, and even videos.

Another great feature is the ability to pre-record your “live” stream 

This is a great option if you:

  • have a high stakes stream, and can’t afford mis-steps

  • are nervous about going live

  • can’t be online, or schedule a guest, at your normal show time.

StreamYard has both free and paid versions of the product. You can remove the StreamYard logo and upload your own. You can also add overlays and backgrounds, and use the restream integration. Full details are on the pricing page.

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