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Monday Morning Cool Tool: Dux-Soup

I love learning about new tools to make social media marketing more creative and effective, so I’ve decided to share some of my favorite tools with you at the start of each week. This week’s cool tool recommendation is Dux-Soup  – a browser plug-in which works with Google Chrome as your virtual assistant on LinkedIn.

Dux-Soup keeps track of every single profile you visit and allows you to make notes directly on the profile page which are saved. Profile date and notes can be export as a .CSV file to be opened in Microsoft Excel or similar. The .CSV file includes data such as the name of the person whose profile you visited, job title, company name, location, email and notes.

You can take and save notes on each profile such as: have sent invite/need to reply to a message / likes Opera etc. Dux-Soup can save you hours of manual data entry when it comes to tracking all your leads you interact with on LinkedIn.

You can opt to use the free version (which enables you to view a hundred LinkedIn profiles a day) or upgrade to the paid version (which allows you to set the number of profile visits you need to make per day and export the .CSV file and make use of the data you gathered.

Dux-Soup is available as a browser plug-in which works with Google Chrome. Download here.

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LinkedIn Website Demographics: Understand the Professional Audiences Visiting Your Website

LinkedIn has announced the roll-out of LinkedIn Website Demographics, “a free reporting tool that lets you see what types of professionals are coming to your website, giving you a powerful way to tune your marketing to those visitors, and develop better targeting and content for your campaigns.”

Website Demographics uses data from LinkedIn’s 500+ million members to provide insight into your company’s website visitors in a way that respects member privacy. Featuring an easy-to-read interface in LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Website Demographics lets you filter your website audience by 8 individual professional dimensions, including job title, industry, job seniority, job function, company, location, and country.

Website Demographics also allows you to filter by date range to understand whether that recent marketing campaign boosted traffic from your desired audience segments. What’s more, you can now see if you have attracted new pools of prospects to your website. With these insights, you can craft new marketing content designed to better resonate with that audience.

This new feature will begin rolling out soon, so watch this space.

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3 New LinkedIn Features To Try Today

LinkedIn has released some new updates recently which are worth checking out. 

1. View Connection History

First up, you can now easily view your connection history with your network.  Simply go to a connection’s profile and click on “Contact and Personal Info” to see when you first connected.


2. Discover Who Is Searching For You 

With Search Appearances, you can see how many people found you in search, as well their companies and job titles. This is such a cool feature, particularly for job hunters.

Click on “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”


You will then get a breakdown of the companies and job titles of the people who found you in search to help signal what types of opportunities you may be a fit for. Click through to see open jobs at each company as well as who the hiring managers are so you can follow up for more information.


I’m excited that LinkedIn has announced you’ll soon also be able to see the keywords you’re being found for.

3.  Add An Image To Your Comment

I’ve been having fun trying out this feature.


  • To comment on a post, click  Comment beneath the post, fill out the Add a comment… field, and click Post.
  • To comment on a comment, click Reply beneath the comment, fill out the Add a reply… field, and click Reply.
  • To add a photo to a comment or a reply, click the  Photo icon in the comment field, and select the picture. Then fill out the comment field and click Post or Reply.

 Have you tried any of these new features yet? Which of them do you find most useful?