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Is there a market for consumer engagement around health issues?

Dan Dunlop delivered this presentation at the 2013 Pelvic Health Conference in Denver, Colorado. The subject of the presentation was “Using blogs and social media to build communities of shared interest.”

My goal was to share with the attendees a vision of marketing that perhaps differs from their current view. I challenged these executives and administrators to go back to their hospitals and ask their marketing people what they are doing to build communities of shared interest.

Dan’s presentation raises an important point about the end of the one size fits all marketing model. The changing paradigm of healthcare marketing has led to a growing awareness that we are now speaking to communities of shared interest with changing consumer expectations which healthcare marketers must be able to match.



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The Shape We’re In: Social Media and Social Media Marketing in the Second Half of 2012

Key Takeaways

Consumer behavior is changing and social media is becoming increasingly relevant for individuals and organizations.

As the social media landscape expands and evolves, Facebook maintains its leadership despite IPO pains and mobile weakness.

Twitter at #2 is becoming a curator and potential media company while Google+ is becoming Google’s SoLoMo layer.

Newer players differentiate and create niches of their own, or seek exits. Despite the “success” of social media, public market investors are skeptical but social media’s impact on human behavior is undeniable.

Mobile is becoming the “first screen,” SoLoMo is growing in adoption, influence and importance and the SMMS industry is consolidating. Social media, and social advertising, is no longer a playground but a priority for major brands.

While marketers continue to experiment, efforts are much more strategic and studies are starting to show connections between leveraging social paid, promoted, owned and earned media, and changes in purchase intent. Ultimately, the social media opportunity lies in enhanced customer experiences.

Note: This  presentation is a 2012 mid-year update to the original “State of Social” presentation by Esteban Contreras.