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Twitter To Relax 140-Character Limit


Twitter is making a major shift in how it counts characters in Tweets, allowing tweets to become much expanded and relaxing its defining 140-character limit. Although no official announcement has been forthcoming, it’s been widely reported this week, that the microblogging site will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its limit for messages. Links currently take up to 23 characters of a tweet, reducing the space available to users when sharing online content.

When it launched in 2006, Twitter’s character limit was originally devised as a way of fitting tweets into the SMS character limit. so users could send and receive updates on their phone. Being able to condense thoughts and messages into 140 characters has become one of Twitter’s most defining features. When the suggestion was floated earlier this year that it might expand the limit to 10,000 characters limit, my heart sank. Limiting tweets to 140 characters  is a terrific way to hone your key messages. Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey once described the limit as a “beautiful constraint” that “inspires creativity and brevity”. It also means you can quickly scan through timeline tweets – imagine trying to do that when 10,000 character tweets start flooding in!  However, this new move is a welcome compromise in my opinion.  It allows for more flexibility without compromising the creativity and brevity many of us have come to value.

What do you think of this news? Do you welcome the expanded capacity to tweet more. 

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Stop Making These Twitter Mistakes

Mistakes are a natural outcome of trying something new. When you first start on Twitter, it may seem that there is a lot to learn, and the potential for mistakes while learning is high. I’d like to lessen that learning curve for you by sharing some common Twitter mistakes I see all the time – and not just with new tweeters! If you are a Twitter newbie these tips will minimize rookie mistakes; if you are already a seasoned tweeter, look on this as an opportunity to rectify any mistakes you might already be making.

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Live-Tweeting A Health Event (Infographic)

Infographic created by Tom France and Tom Fowler TEDMED scholar


Live-tweeting is a way of engaging your Twitter followers by sending updates about an event as it occurs. Live-tweeters use the hashtag relevant to the event they are tweeting about which can be located on the conference’s website or Twitter profile. Twitter followers who cannot be at the event in person can follow along using the hashtag and this in turn expands the reach of the conference.  Furthermore, live-tweeting is a means of amplifying the conference experience, generating international engagement and global reach and stimulating collaborative potential.

For more tips on live-tweeting a health event see this article.


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#HealthXPH: Tweet Chat on Emerging Technologies and Social Media in Healthcare

I am passionate about the power of healthcare tweet chats – you can read why I think they are such a transformative modality in Can A Hashtag Change Healthcare?

One of my favorite chats is #HealthXPH, a twitter chat based in the Philippines. One of its founders, Dr Iris Thiele Isip Tan recently gave this talk at the Healthcare IT Philippines conference. It outlines the genesis and evolution of the #HealthXPH tweet chat, and for anyone interested in how healthcare chats work on Twitter, it’s a must-see presentation.