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Healthcare Innovation: Made With Patients

This week I was in Basel, Switzerland, to deliver a keynote presentation at the DayOne Conference, Shaping The Future of Health.  It was a great experience and heartening to meet so many start-up companies with a real interest in working with patients in codesigning healthcare solutions.

I believe that a genuine partnership model with patients and their families and carers, will not just improve outcomes for patients but can transform the healthcare industry.  I urged the audience to go beyond the patient label and engage with patients as people with valuable lived experience and expertise that they can learn from.

But even with the best intentions, it’s easy to get it wrong. So I shared a model of patient engagement based on a true partnership model that does justice to people as unique, multi-dimensional individuals who want to live the best lives they can.

As always I posted my presentation on SlideShare so please feel free to flip through the deck and if you have any questions or comments to make, I’d love to hear them.

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