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Request for Submissions to #HCSM Review


I’ve enjoyed being a contributor to previous editions of the HCSM Review on HealthWorks Collective. The next edition of the Review- The Mobile Edition – will be published next week Wednesday, June 27th, and your submissions are welcome.

Email your posts to with “HCSM Review Submission” in the subject line, by 11pm on Monday, June 25th.

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how the new generation of doctors and e-patients use social media

Dr Mesko is my “go to” source for health care social media


Last week, I got an invitation to speak at the Central European University about how the new generation of doctors and e-patients use social media. I also described how crowdsourcing works in medicine.

As there were only health economists, economists, lawyers and business people in the audience, I received some great questions. It was particularly interesting as these people had a good picture about healthcare but did not know much about social media.

Q: Is there a site where patients can track their own conditions and meet each other? It would be a great idea.

My answer: Plenty of them, one example is

Q: Is it possible to somehow curate medical social media channels?

My answer: Of course, see

Q: It would be great to have a site where doctors can talk to each other.

My answer: There are over 60 of them.

Q: Is there a…

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