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The Rise of Patient Communities on Twitter

I am a big fan of Symplur and the service they provide through their healthcare  hashtag project for those of us interested in the health conversations which take place on Twitter.  For over 2 years, Symplur has collected health conversations on Twitter and analyzed them across thousands of variables. The result is produced in this video, a visual representation of   c. 2,000 different health communities or topics.

The green dots symbolizes patient centric topics, while pink encompasses more professional/provider topics. Larger bubbles signifies larger volume of conversations within that community. The data are visualized dynamically over a 2 year period.

Here’s what Symplur research uncovered:

What we discovered was somewhat of a surprise for some. From the start, many considered Twitter as a kind of virtual water cooler, mostly used by healthcare professionals. It’s been thought that the need for privacy would push patients to more closed platforms. Twitter as you know, is totally public and should not be considered private.  However, from what you can clearly observe, the green bubbles have grown in numbers and significance quite dramatically in recent months. This indicates a strong growth of conversations in existing patient communities on Twitter and a strong growth of new patient communities on Twitter within our dataset.

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Health Care Social Media in Medicine: An Interview with Kevin MD

Check out this exclusive interview by Michael Weiss with Dr Kevin Pho, founder of on the topic of the increased role of Health Care Social Media in the Practice of Medicine.

Speaking about the interview on his blog, Professional Patient Perspectives,  Michael writes:

I think you will enjoy Dr. Pho’s informative and thoughtful answers as we talked about everything from Rating Physicians on-line to integrating mobile health & Smartphones into the traditional medical examination room to the present/future effects of ObamaCare on Healthcare and discussed the prospects of using technology like Skype for Video Medical Exams and chronic illness Follow-ups.

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Community aspect of social media

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Analyst firm Gartner said that although numerous organisations have achieved social media success, failure rates are “very high” because leaders and managers expect the functionality of social technologies alone to deliver results.

“But no social technology is great enough to save efforts that ignore or omit the fundamental principles of mass collaboration.

When these efforts are omitted, people don’t view the social media environment as a place for them to meaningfully collaborate, and so adoption never really takes hold”

The answer?

The new K.I.S.S.:

Keep It Social, Stupid

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Why hospital social media matters

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When a patient at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals’ Headache Center complained on Twitter about a long wait, Jefferson Director of Social Media Josh Goldstein was monitoring the Jefferson brand on Twitter at the time. Goldstein, who was off campus, immediately texted the interactive marketing team to go the waiting room and find the patient. It turned out the patient had never signed in at the computer kiosk.

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